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Mission Statement

Our aim is to ensure safe, decent and affordable housing for people of our community, to create opportunities for residents' self-sufficiency and economic independence, and to assure fiscal integrity in all of our programs. We support programs that renew and revitalize our community's neighborhoods. We seek to enhance the life skills of our residents through educational opportunities and to provide a brighter future for resident children.


The Housing Authority of Hopkinsville was established in 1949 starting with 180 low-rent housing units within the City of Hopkinsville. As of 2008, we are the largest landlord and provide housing to more than 10% of the population of Hopkinsville.

  • 455 units of Public Housing
  • 479 units of Section 8 housing
  • 48 units at Westwood Senior Homes
  • 48 units at New Horizon Scholar House
  • 32 units at Foster Senior Homes
  • 76 units at Trilogy Center
  • 30 VASH (Veterans Administration Supportive Housing Program)

Board of Commissioners

Tim Goodaker, Chairman
Gay Wilson, Vice-Chair
Patricia Bell
Stephanie Boyd
Joanne Davis